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Thursday, July 29, 2021

9 -10 AM Pacific Time

Class size is limited

Harold J. Seymour, a leading architect of American fundraising, wrote in Designs for Fund-Raising, that the case for support “should aim high, provide perspective, arouse a sense of history and continuity, convey a feeling of importance, relevancy, and urgency, and have whatever stuff is needed to warm the heart and stir the mind.”

That seems like an undaunting task to write; a task professional fundraisers need to undertake every year. What is your organization’s case for support? The ultimate document that answers the question: Why should a donor support your organization?

This webinar will walk attendees through the process to understand the importance of the Case, how a Case is used, and the critical elements of the Case.

Attendees will have the opportunity to begin writing their organization’s Case and to submit their case for review.


1) Understand the value of a Case and how it is used

2) Learn the critical elements in a Case for Support

3) Discover the value in testing your Case

4) Outline of YOUR Case for Support

Presented by Diana V. Hoyt, 35 year veteran of fundraising and author of Formula for Fundraising.

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